Daily Discovery-iblss and Akai Solo-Energy field

Today’s song comes to us from two New Yorkers, producer iblss and rapper Akai Solo, off the former’s new mixtape infinity. Iblss clearly knows how to create an atmosphere with his beats. “Energy Field” loops halting drums and sparse guitar, underpinning both with a faint blanket of staticky white noise; punctuating each spin through the loop is a ghoulish, pitched-down vocal snippet. iblss keeps you on your toes, though, several times unleashing the codeine goblin voice at irregular junctures within a single instrumental circuit. It feels like sitting in a haunted apartment building on a rainy day, watching white noise on a boxy TV, the ghost of a past tenant intermittently tapping you on the shoulder. Akai Solo, who may very well be rapping through a wad of chewing gum wedged in his cheek, sounds like he’s constantly teetering on the edge of jumping out in front of the creeping beat, which creates a wonderfully disorienting interplay between voice and instrumental. Solo pairs complex rhyme schemes with vivid lyricism, dropping lines like, “Snuggled in Gaia’s bosom/I do not sleep light/Waiting to blossom on ’em,” and urging people to “Change your range.” There’s an intensity in his performance and in his voice that is almost hypnotic. An incredible song from two artists on the rise.

Side note: Also need to shout out infinity‘s artwork; I’m a huge fan of abstract, colorful album covers.

Check out more from iblss: https://iblss.bandcamp.com/

and from Akai Solo: https://akaisolo.bandcamp.com/

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