Daily Discovery-G.G. Rogers-Roses

I just got back from Erie, and should probably go to bed soon (I’m working for 12 hours tomorrow, hooray!), so I’ll keep this one brief. “Roses,” a track from Houston-by-way-of-Seattle jazz artist G.G. Rogers off the new album In No Hurry, is about as unadorned as they come. Upright bass, muted horns, and subtle percussion provide a minimalist backing for Rogers’ elemental voice, which wouldn’t sound out of place coming from some wandering Dust Bowl-era troubadour. The song itself sounds timeless in a way, inviting the listener to “take a trip on up the road,” and touching upon the classic jazz and blues themes of ramblin’ and bearin’ your soul. Brittany Allyson contributes some excellent backing vocals. A simple song with a ton of personality, “Roses” was a welcome listen after two hours in the car.

Check out more from G.G. Rogers: https://ggrogers.bandcamp.com/releases

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