Daily Listen-Alice Coltrane-Atomic Peace

Here’s the song I meant to post Wednesday night (I chose Sum 41 at the last minute). “Atomic Peace” is a track from Alice Coltrane’s 1968 solo debut A Monastic Trio. Released as a tribute to her recently deceased husband, it featured Coltrane herself on piano and harp, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Rashied Ali on drums. This specific track has a freeform feel, with the solid plinking of piano keys being replaced by harp arpeggios that glisten like sunlight through drops of rain. There are points, though, at which Coltrane distills her playing down from shimmering waves of sound to some focused shredding (for lack of a better word), giving Garrison and Ali a chance to shine as well. Not much more to say about this one; Alice Coltrane is a legend, and it’s cool to hear her first solo venture.

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