Daily Discovery-Look Vibrant-Memory Balloons

“Memory Balloons,” the opening track off the newly released Cherish Everything by Montreal-based oddballs Look Vibrant, is one of the most colorful, quirky, and downright fun songs about death and decay that you’ll ever hear. Inspired by the story of a terminally ill person who hosted the band while they were on tour, the track’s lyrics ponder the morbid absurdity inherent in funerals, obituaries, memorial benches, and chemotherapy, even taking time to fantasize about murdering an unethical doctor with his own stethoscope. At its lowest, frontman Matt Murphy’s voice resembles that of Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, and at its deliriously highest hearkens back to Justin Hawkins’ wonderfully hammy performance on The Darkness’s 2003 smash “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” (in the case of “Memory Balloons,” “I Believe In A Thing Called Death” would be more apt). In place of the former band’s sugary indietronica or the latter’s throwback glam rock stylings, though, Look Vibrant lays down a complex, mathy groove full of odd time signatures and dissonant synthesizer shrieks; it wouldn’t sound out of place on a record by Brooklyn, NY eccentrics Ava Luna. Cherish Everything‘s artwork, designed by Max Taeuschel, really illustrates the ethos of “Memory Balloons.” A washed out, green image of a tiger slaughtering a horrified water buffalo while a butterfly floats overhead, the band’s name embossed over a rainbow background in the upper lefthand corner. Look Vibrant may hit you with some gory details, but they’re going to have fun doing it.

Check out more from Look Vibrant: https://lookvibrant.bandcamp.com/

More of Max Taeuschel’s work can be found at http://www.maxtaeuschel.com/

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