Daily Discovery-Sound Elevator-Rain Chain

A few months ago, I saw a concert flyer hanging on a bulletin board at the Bierport (an expensive craft beer shop in Lawrenceville); it advertised, among other acts, an outfit called Sound Elevator, which was described as “shoegazey space-rock.” Now, I’m a guy who tells everyone I know (so basically my cat and my Philadelphia-based parents) that shoegaze is the only music worth listening to; obviously an exaggeration, but I’ll never turn down the opportunity to bask in a swirling, flanged-out guitar maelstrom. You can imagine, then, how excited I was to see that poster; unfortunately, my crippling social anxiety dissuaded me from going to the show alone. After hearing “Rain Chain,” from Sound Elevator’s new album 3:33 AM, I’m sincerely regretting that decision. The track sounds like a distorted, DIY take on the 90’s “slowcore” sound best exemplified by the group Low. However, where Low frontman Alan Sparhawk’s guitar tone is delicate and crystalline, Sound Elevator’s is fuzzier than a wooly mammoth, angry at being defrosted from some glacier after eons at rest, stomping up and down the hills of Pittsburgh. The crunchy guitar contrasts with the sleepy deliveries of vocalists Lindsey and D.R. without overpowering them; the lyrics here are more intelligible than they are on a lot of shoegaze tracks. “Rain Chain” had me holding my shoes right in front of my face, truly satisfying my need for a nice cloud of buzzing guitar in which to lose myself after working until 8:30pm.

Check out more from Sound Elevator: https://soundelevator.bandcamp.com/

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