Daily Yinz-Supervolcano-Rare Ocelot

Supervolcano is an experimental Pittsburgh synthster whose music is aptly tagged with the words “electronic,” “beeps,” “odd,” and “sounds.”

Supervolcano’s new demo, COLOREATER, contains three tracks, each an anagram of the album’s title. “Rare Ocelot” is the middle and longest song on the release, and it does indeed contain a vast array of beeps, boops, and general “odd sounds.” A spectral chord progression swirls endlessly while what sounds like a tiny, auto-tuned cartoon laser gun zaps away in the background. The sound quality seems to gradually recede and then swell, as if the track had been recorded to damaged tape. It’s hard to tell if the ebb-and-flow effect is real or if it’s just an illusion that comes from listening to a melody repeat itself for eight minutes. Either way, the track is kind of entrancing; it’s like Supervolcano stumbled upon a grainy PBS documentary about an early-1900’s intergalactic war and looped a few moments from its soundtrack, allowing listeners a peak into alternate timelines and distant worlds.

Now look at this rare ocelot:

Check out the rest of COLOREATER


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