Daily Yinz-Fuzznaut-Conjuction and Ellipsis

Fuzznaut, the solo project of Pittsburgh composer Emilio Rizzo, uses the electric guitar as a wand to conjure stark, minimalist soundscapes from the abyss.

I’d be wary of listening to Fuzznaut’s new album, Form is Emptiness, in a dark room late at night; I imagine that following its twisting, distorted corridors in that context could lead a person to some kind of occult headspace where they’d be trapped for eternity. “Conjunction and Ellipsis” sounds like what would happen if Jim Jarmusch asked the guitarist from Mournful Congregation to soundtrack a sequel to 1995’s Dead Man. It’s a study in texture and space; with no backing track, Rizzo’s guitar notes are free to echo and stretch out as they please. His tone switches back and forth between a bleak twang and a crushing metal drone, with a bit of wah-wah thrown in as well, a possible wink to the listener amid the greyscale fire and brimstone. “Conjunction and Ellipsis” is an intriguing, desolate listen, highly recommended for fans of drone, doom metal, and guitar music in general.

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Fuzznaut will be playing at Black Forge Coffee this coming Sunday (9/29)


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