Daily Discovery-Gut Fauna-Crisis Actor

Gut Fauna are a Baltimore, MD duo whose off-kilter approach to pop music leads to some fantastical places, like a precocious kid left alone with a synthesizer, some pots ‘n’ pans, and copious amounts of sugar.

Gut Fauna’s latest release, Magicicada, is out this week on Virginia label Ingrown Records. Its wide-ranging musical universe encompasses primordial glitch, dusty, reggaefied hoedownery, flickering ethereality, and everything in between. “Crisis Actor” begins with a little two-note bass line that sounds like it could kick off a suave action hero’s theme song; it’s soon supplemented by shifting layers of percussion whose elemental energy seeps into your very bones. A vocalist sings about “forgetting the devil,” before a voiceover (which sounds suspiciously similar to the “In a world…” guy from all the trailers) tells us, “These sea scorpions dwarfed anything else in the water…” The rhythm soon bounces back into the picture, joined this time by some whoops and hollers along with an urgent synth melody. It’s an unusual and uniquely compelling listen, highly recommended if you like experimental pop music and/or animals that look like this:

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