Stare At Your Shoes-Lowtide-Held

Lowtide are an Australian indie band whose hooky songs are drenched in gallons upon gallons of reverb. "Held" is a track from their 2014 self-titled album, and features absurdly catchy vocal melodies bandied back and forth by Lucy Buckeridge and Giles Simon. Despite the euphoric rush of the music, the lyrics hint at some kind … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Lowtide-Held


Daily Yinz-Joyframe-Not Anyone Else’s Fool

Joyframe is a noisy Pittsburgh quartet that annihilates listeners with a massive "wall of pop." This week, the band released the Joyframe EP, a follow-up to 2015's excellent Where's Kevin? EP. "Not Anyone Else's Fool" is the opening track; on it, the members of Joyframe come out swinging, proving that they haven't lost a step … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Joyframe-Not Anyone Else’s Fool

Rough Edges – A Q+A With Kurt Gainfort of Pittsburgh DIY Label Mirkwood Recordings

Image "borrowed" from Mirkwood's Facebook page Mirkwood Recordings is a Pittsburgh label that specializes in idiosyncratic music made by eclectic artists, some from our own backyard and others hailing from across the world. Its latest release, Side Stepping The Abyss by ambient/drone artist Düne Kankel, was featured on Bored In Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. … Continue reading Rough Edges – A Q+A With Kurt Gainfort of Pittsburgh DIY Label Mirkwood Recordings

Daily Yinz-Kai Roberts-808s and Nostalgia

Kai Roberts is a Pittsburgh rapper and educator who uses music as a means to spread awareness about mental health. Roberts struggled with anxiety as a student at Carnegie Mellon, and channeled his experiences into the 2013 release Carnegie Cafe. He has since become a speaker with Active Minds, a peer-to-peer nonprofit group that seeks … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Kai Roberts-808s and Nostalgia

Daily Yinz-Ali Berger-Microbial Corrosion

Ali Berger is an acid house DJ, recently relocated to Pittsburgh, who delivers hefty doses of gleeful experimentation over relentless dance beats. "Microbial Corrosion" is a track from Berger's August release Sump Pump, his first for Spectral Sounds, a dance-centric offshoot of the Ghostly International label. The song is structured around a steady, repeating series … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Ali Berger-Microbial Corrosion

Stare At Your Shoes-Lorelle Meets The Obsolete-The myth of the wise

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete is a garage-psych duo from Guadalajara, Mexico, comprising Lorena Quintanilla (aka Lorelle) and Alberto Gonzolez (aka The Obsolete). "The myth of the wise" is dusty, hazed-out track from the band's 2014 album Chambers. Even without listening to the song, you can probably get a decent idea of its sound by looking … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Lorelle Meets The Obsolete-The myth of the wise

Daily Yinz-Rocki Boulis-Love Strategy

Rocki Boulis is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter whose music draws from the tried-and-true sounds of early to mid-2000's pop and R&B. Boulis's new single, "Love Strategy," is a sonic power move, a checkmate to a potential romantic interest. Using a controlled, unshowy delivery, Boulis lays down her terms of endearment, which "have to be met" for … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Rocki Boulis-Love Strategy

Daily Discovery-Charles Rivera-“Camping” for Orchestra

Charles Rivera is a Lousville, KY composer and improvisational musician who has worked with the likes of Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Rivera writes on Bandcamp that his latest release, "Camping" for Orchestra, was "inspired by looking at two contrasting vases." It was performed by Rivera and Louisville's Orchestra Enigmatic and recorded live in the atrium … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Charles Rivera-“Camping” for Orchestra

Daily Yinz-Akono Miles-Unfazed

Akono Miles is a Pittsburgh producer who tosses vocal samples around like boomerangs, maintaining a sense of controlled chaos inside his intricately melodic beats. "Unfazed" is the first single released from Miles' upcoming album Room Temperature. Despite the, ahem, tepid album title, Miles brings the heat with this one. The track begins, in classic Miles … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Akono Miles-Unfazed

Daily Discovery-Tidepools-TV

Tidepools are an indie rock quartet from Orlando, FL whose songs feature plainspoken lyrics bathed in cascades of textured guitar. "TV" is the first single released from Tidepools' upcoming album Never Better. There's an interesting blend of styles going on here; the track's winding central guitar riff is pure, mathy prog, but frontwoman Laura Reyes's … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Tidepools-TV