Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out

Fossil Hunting Collective, a solo artist from Ontario whose music was previously featured on Bored In Pittsburgh, is back with another titanic instrumental track.

“Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out” manages to sound even bigger than some of Fossil Hunting Collective’s previous releases, no minor feat for an artist that trades in towering spires of sound. The track features snippets of garbled, semi-intelligible vocal loops set against a melody that gradually builds, with the help of some widescreen drum programming, from an ambient swell to an apocalyptic tidal wave. Grainy, disembodied laughter, ghoulishly pitched-down dialogue, and subsonic groans lend an air of menace to the already moody guitar and synth work; when a man’s voice starts repeating, “A golden afternoon…” in a British accent around the three-minute mark, you feel anything but soothed. The brooding bass notes that churn beneath the track’s surface bring to mind Connecticut drone band Landing, but the epic crescendo is pure Fossil Hunting Collective. If the sky were truly going to fall out, I’d be more than happy to listen to this song while waiting for the main event.

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