Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-The inner circuitry of a sparrow

Guelph, Ontario’s Fossil Hunting Collective (the solo project of a fellow named Jones) makes glimmering, expansive ambient music that sounds like it’s emanating from a massive speaker located somewhere in the middle of the Arctic tundra.

Legend has it (and science has confirmed) that the Aurora Borealis can be accompanied by eerie noises. Even though they’re just hisses and pops caused by an interaction between solar particles and the earth’s magnetic field, I’d also believe it if someone told me that they had once looked up at the Northern Lights and heard “The inner circuitry of a sparrow,” off Fossil Hunting Collective’s new EP, Ghost stories for the hard of hearing. The song is a nearly eight minute journey through nocturnal melodic swells and crackling textures, punctuated by prismatic rays of guitar and a recurrent, utterly haunting drone that pierces through the surrounding beauty like a ghostly siren. During the latter half of the track, Jones introduces a faint synth beat that sounds like the breath of a massive, yet benign, creature lying under a nighttime sky. Everything about the song seems huge. “The inner circuitry of a sparrow” possesses a desolate grandeur that is both peaceful and forlorn, like the Arctic tundra itself (or so I imagine, since I’ve never been there). Recommended for fans of Brian Eno’s Music For… stuff, Grouper’s windswept textures, Stars of the Lid’s drones, and Hammock’s ambient post-rock.

Check out more from Fossil Hunting Collective and from Jones’ other project (ph)authers

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