Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out

Fossil Hunting Collective, a solo artist from Ontario whose music was previously featured on Bored In Pittsburgh, is back with another titanic instrumental track. "Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out" manages to sound even bigger than some of Fossil Hunting Collective's previous releases, no minor feat for an artist that trades in … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out


Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-The inner circuitry of a sparrow

Guelph, Ontario's Fossil Hunting Collective (the solo project of a fellow named Jones) makes glimmering, expansive ambient music that sounds like it's emanating from a massive speaker located somewhere in the middle of the Arctic tundra. Legend has it (and science has confirmed) that the Aurora Borealis can be accompanied by eerie noises. Even though … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-The inner circuitry of a sparrow

Daily Discovery-Sicayda-Only Worried

Sicayda is a four-piece band from Toronto that creates hazy, echoey guitarscapes in the vein of the classic 90's shoegaze groups. Their new EP Sown ranges stylistically from delicate, crystalline balladry to whirring, distorted rushes of sound, sometimes pulling from both simultaneously. "Only Worried" is a towering, majestic track whose air of celestial sadness reminds … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Sicayda-Only Worried

Daily Listen-Young Galaxy-Fall For You

I didn't get enough sleep last night, so today's song needed to provide a pick-me-up alternative to extra strong Café Bustelo, which I've been swilling from a thermos all day. Luckily, Canadian synthpop duo Young Galaxy exists, and, even more luckily, they released "Fall For You" on their 2013 album Ultramarine (Paper Bag Records). Not … Continue reading Daily Listen-Young Galaxy-Fall For You

Daily Discovery-Look Vibrant-Memory Balloons

"Memory Balloons," the opening track off the newly released Cherish Everything by Montreal-based oddballs Look Vibrant, is one of the most colorful, quirky, and downright fun songs about death and decay that you'll ever hear. Inspired by the story of a terminally ill person who hosted the band while they were on tour, the track's … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Look Vibrant-Memory Balloons

Daily Discovery-Albatros-Keasbey Nights III

I usually spotlight uplifting, relaxing, or warmly hazy fare on Fridays; "Keasbey Nights III," off Canadian punk band Albatros's newly released Futile (No Funeral Records), certainly breaks from this tradition. The song brings some seriously aggressive energy to the table, all jagged guitar riffs and Tasmanian Devil-like drum fills. That is, until a horn section … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Albatros-Keasbey Nights III

Daily Discovery-Western Jaguar-In Passing

Today's find, "In Passing," is a bluesy, slightly countrified slow burner from the newly released In Passing/Belong by Canadian group Western Jaguar. This track is the latest in a grand lineage of lighter-waving power ballads by artists of all genres. The weary, contemplative lyrics touch on the impermanence of life, and the necessity of human … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Western Jaguar-In Passing