Daily Yinz-Nathan King-Old Dark House

Nathan King is a Pittsburgh-based synth warlock who creates spooky soundscapes that issue forth from the shadows of the Steel City. "Old Dark House," the titular track from King's recent two-song release, hearkens back to the sound of the so-called witch house movement of the early 2010s, albeit a lighter and more buoyant version than … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Nathan King-Old Dark House

Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Jb.arnes is a Pittsburgh-via-everywhere ambient artist whose new release, Jardin's Place, is indebted to the sounds of the Kankyō Ongaku ("environmental music") movement prevalent in Japan during the 1980's. Jb.arnes recorded Jardin's Place using a Tascam DR-4 and an iPhone 5 while trotting the globe over the past four years, setting up shop in India, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears

Think Good Audio's Michael Haynes burrows deep inside himself with each new project, emerging with emotionally-resonant instrumentals that cover the vast ground between despair and hope. The latest Think Good Audio release, Withdrawal, centers on the theme of alcoholism and its deleterious effect on relationships. A dark topic for sure, but much of the music … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears

Daily Yinz-Six O’Matic-Shine

On his new album Aging (Wild Kindness), Pittsburgh producer Six O'Matic trades the jaunty psych rock of his 2018 debut for glacial, unfurling waves of ambient melody and sound. There are some musical styles that can be difficult to write about. Ambient is one of those styles; after all, how is someone supposed to come … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Six O’Matic-Shine

Daily Yinz-WEIRD SAD MYSTERY-underneath lavender town

WEIRD SAD MYSTERY is a prolific underground instrumentalist from Pittsburgh, whose recent release, midnight summer themes, is their fifth of 2019. Lavender Town refers to two places: a very real DIY music venue in Pittsburgh and a fictional locale that can be visited in some of the original Pokemon video games. The 8-bit Lavender Town … Continue reading Daily Yinz-WEIRD SAD MYSTERY-underneath lavender town

Daily Yinz-LKHD-Sherbert Sky

LKHD (short for Langston Kelly Human DJ) uses his improvisational skills to create single-tracked, downtempo jams on the fly. You can also find him contributing horns and vocals to Pittsburgh funkers Starship Mantis. The name Langston Kelly Human DJ sounds like a moniker that an alien would adopt in a pinch if it were trying … Continue reading Daily Yinz-LKHD-Sherbert Sky

Daily Yinz-Ashley Rae McCarthy-Stranded In Rainland

Ashley Rae McCarthy is a Pittsburgh based composer/drummer whose mathy brand of post-rock is inspired by Yinzer legends Don Caballero. McCarthy's August release, Flying Machine, bears the image of a patent filed in 1889 by one R.J. Spalding. Patent US398984A concerned a full-body harness attached to a massive pair of wings, a fantastical (and very … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Ashley Rae McCarthy-Stranded In Rainland