Daily Yinz – Helga Scheibert – Whale Song

Helga Scheibert is a Transylvania-raised, CMU-affiliated pianist who released an album called "Mirror Image" in May. The album's music is an eclectic blend of classical, jazz, folk, and experimental piano stylings. While listening, you'll hear roiling low-note swells, jaunty, sophisticated bounces, theatrical flourishes, virtuosic runs, and a dash of field recording here and there. "Whale … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Helga Scheibert – Whale Song

Daily Yinz – Memory Wound – Lead Moon

Brandon O'Neill's Memory Wound project produces blurry soundscapes created from tape loops, field recordings, found sounds, and more. Memory Wound's April release, Lillian Drip, is by turns peaceful and haunting, beautiful and elusive. Where many of the album's tracks drift by in a dissociative haze, eddying outward like faint ripples on a pond, O'Neill takes … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Memory Wound – Lead Moon

Daily Yinz – Moemaw Naedon -Sun Beam War Ship

Moemaw Naedon is a Pittsburgh rapper and producer whose new instrumental project, Dismal Spring, is heavy on the analog grit. Whenever I walk around Pittsburgh, I feel like I see Moemaw Naedon stickers everywhere I look, plastered on overpasses, lamp posts, unspecified piles of rubble, what have you. The dude is ubiquitous. Something else that's … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Moemaw Naedon -Sun Beam War Ship

Daily Yinz – Vacancy – Jasmine

Pittsburgh artist Dustin Stuppy creates peaceful, meditative electronic compositions under the name Vacancy. Vacancy's latest release, The End Is Also The Beginning, contains 12 gorgeous, instrumental tracks that merge ambient, empty-train-station-at-night placidity with classical music's sweeping sense of movement. "Jasmine," which features Patrick Hodge on drums, plays out as a suite in three parts. The … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Vacancy – Jasmine

Daily Yinz – Hyacinth – Among Blossoms

Hyacinth, the brainchild of Pittsburgh multimedia artist Andrw FX, uses manipulated recordings of household objects (with a dash of accordion, of course) to create minimalist sheets of whirring sound. "Among Blossoms," the opener to Hyacinth's latest release, A Budding Reconciliation Of Values (Coolidge Records), begins with a single, placid tone, which lingers, glinting in the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hyacinth – Among Blossoms

Daily Yinz – Withering Presence – Glaucous Emanations from the Sundered Stone Cross

Withering Presence is a Pittsburgh ambient artist whose most recent release, a split tape with New York's Pallid Bloom called Their Verdant Reclamation, was inspired by time spent within Allegheny Cemetery. The music that Withering Presence contributed to Their Verdant Reclamation takes the form of three faded synth dirges that are both lachrymose and peaceful … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Withering Presence – Glaucous Emanations from the Sundered Stone Cross

Daily Yinz – Akono Miles – Haziness Not Laziness

Akono Miles is a Pittsburgh producer whose new album, Dust To Go, was born from a period of time during which the artist felt "hazy and nostalgic for a good minute." Where Miles's 2019 releases, April's Halogen and October's Room Temperature, represent waved-out takes on instrumental hip-hop and house music, respectively, Dust To Go tackles … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Akono Miles – Haziness Not Laziness

Daily Yinz-Nathan King-Old Dark House

Nathan King is a Pittsburgh-based synth warlock who creates spooky soundscapes that issue forth from the shadows of the Steel City. "Old Dark House," the titular track from King's recent two-song release, hearkens back to the sound of the so-called witch house movement of the early 2010s, albeit a lighter and more buoyant version than … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Nathan King-Old Dark House

Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Jb.arnes is a Pittsburgh-via-everywhere ambient artist whose new release, Jardin's Place, is indebted to the sounds of the Kankyō Ongaku ("environmental music") movement prevalent in Japan during the 1980's. Jb.arnes recorded Jardin's Place using a Tascam DR-4 and an iPhone 5 while trotting the globe over the past four years, setting up shop in India, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears

Think Good Audio's Michael Haynes burrows deep inside himself with each new project, emerging with emotionally-resonant instrumentals that cover the vast ground between despair and hope. The latest Think Good Audio release, Withdrawal, centers on the theme of alcoholism and its deleterious effect on relationships. A dark topic for sure, but much of the music … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears