Daily Yinz-Tribe Eternal x NVSV-Local Celebrity

The Tribe Eternal Music group, a Pittsburgh hip-hop collective comprising key members Clara Kent, Bilal Abbey, and Pharaoh Lum, teams up with fellow Pittsburgh rapper NVSV for a slow-burning posse cut.

“Local Celebrity” is the first single released from the upcoming Mysterious Shit collaboration between Tribe Eternal and NVSV. The corresponding video, from Original Telegenic Productions, was written, co-directed, and acted by the artists themselves. The four rappers use the track’s six minutes to put rivals and doubters on notice, each delivering a lethal, calculating verse overtop a woozy instrumental that brings to mind London On Da Track’s drifting sense of menace. Each brings something unique to the table; NVSV breaks out a slightly sing-songy cadence, Kent replaces her chilled-out soul croon with an icy murmur, Bilal packs his bars full of tumbling triplets, and Lum delivers the final killshot with conversational gruffness. Everything fits together perfectly, the quartet’s obvious chemistry elevating each individual performance. NVSA, undoubtedly speaking for his three accomplices as well, begins the chorus, “I’m making moves/I’m making shit move”; judging from “Local Celebrity,” the next steps are going to be exciting. Make sure to keep an eye out for Mysterious Shit, due for release on Halloween.

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