Stare At Your Shoes-Old Soul Dies Young-Yuno

Old Soul Dies Young is a shoegaze/dream-pop outfit out of Denver, Colorado, self-described as an “anime love story without a happy ending.” The group’s new EP, Yandere, is a six-song whirlwind of emotions, vacillating between lovestruck rapture and suicidal despair. “Yuno,” the EP’s closing track, splits the difference, closing the journey with a sense of resignation. Frontman Shane Burdette all but whispers, his voice cocooned in a layer of shimmering guitar effects, “You’ve left me behind/To start your new life/In time, I will find/The fault was all mine.” The trembling instrumental behind Burdette would indeed sound at home during the end credits of a tragic anime short, so I think the band lived up to its description here. “Yuno” will have you staring at your shoes out of wistful sadness; it’s a depression blanket for the ears.

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