Daily Discovery 09.30.19

Groke-The Friendly Gigantactis

Groke, a DJ from Bristol, UK, makes bioluminescent bangers that sound like they’re rattling up from the depths of the Mariana Trench. “The Friendly Gigantactis,” from Groke’s new EP, The Dark Deep (Mad Zoo), has a woozy, aquatic sway that brings to mind images of an undersea rave, complete with neon-tentacled jellyfish gyrating in the murky depths while strange creatures float overhead. Turn this one up to 10 the next time you’re partying at an aquarium.

K.Burns-Uncut Raw

K.Burns is not the hip-hop alter ego of the noted documentarian. However, the Brooklyn rapper does deliver hard-edged tales of New York life that make the listener feel like they’re seated in a grimy apartment late at night, watching a hooded figure shove wads of drug money behind a layer of drywall. “Uncut Raw,” from K.Burns’ new EP, The Plaza (Team Fame Music Group), is the rare hip-hop song without a steady beat. Instead, Burns chooses to sneer his ominous lyrics over a truly frightening haze of white noise and murky bass. “We live the life/They really wanna be us,” he says, and you’re inclined to believe him.


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