Daily Yinz – Chalk Dinosaur – Song of an Eastern Wind

With Song of an Eastern Wind, the always eclectic Chalk Dinosaur takes a step away from the electro-funk of last October’s Sunset to focus on lyric-driven indie pop. There are even acoustic guitars!

The album’s titular track is described by Chalk Dinosaur mastermind John O’Hallaron as a “cross generational collaboration between me and my parents.” The song was inspired by O’Hallaron’s discovery of two cassettes, both nearly half a century old, one featuring his father, David, singing a wistful folk ballad, and the other featuring his mother, Helen, playing piano at a recital. The younger O’Hallaron overlaid parts of these recordings with drum production, bass, and slide guitar, creating a sonic artifact that stands outside of time. The grainy, faded sound quality of David O’s recording, which acts as the song’s backbone, gives the track a wistful, dreamlike quality, and Helen O’s glittering piano flourishes are musical incantations that beckon the listener back to the mid-70’s. Chalk Dinosaur’s oscillating drum loop gives the thing momentum, carrying us through the sounds of decades past like a train gliding past a half-remembered town. The effect is uncanny; “Song of an Eastern Wind” is a unique and moving artwork.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Yinz – Chalk Dinosaur – Song of an Eastern Wind

  1. Hi. I’m David O’Hallaron, John O’Hallaron’s father. Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful review of Chalk Dinosaur’s Song of an Eastern Wind. Being able to collaborate musically with my son across 50 years was a unique and moving experience for both of us. Thanks again for listening and sharing your feelings about the song.


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