Daily Discovery 01.30.20

Gkleft Ryda – Phedamine

Los Angeles’s Gkleft Ryda channels the spirit of the late. great Nate Dogg on “Phedamine,” a track from his new album, I’m Not Like Them. Like the legendary G-funk crooner himself, Gkleft instills his bars with bendy, wavy snatches of melody, transitioning from Don Juan-esque come-ons and weed boasts to descriptions of car crashes and knife fights at the drop of a Lakers hat. It’s fun, gripping, and catchy all at once.


New American Hustle – Heliotrope Station

New American Hustle, a Merced, CA-based musical project, sets synthy rock music to crashing, 90’s-inspired backbeats. “Heliotrope Station,” from NAH’s new album, La Soma Vita, tells of a romantic huntress who is “using all her moves right across the room” to hypnotize you and steal your heart. The song’s fizzy synth-pop instrumental and Mrs. Disco Ball’s enchanting vocals make the prospect sound exciting rather than soul-shattering.


Blashy – Late Night Bug Catching (ft. Purple Palm)

New on the prolific Port Richey, FL label DMT Tapes FL is Animal Forest II, a vaporwave wonderland created by Washington, DC’s Blashy. The phosphorescent ballad “Late Night Bug Catching,” featuring Purple Palm, intersperses plush synth tones with overdriven guitar samples and digital castanet clatters. It evokes the titular image to a tee.



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