Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Oribu – Ibis

Out on London’s College Music Records is Overcome by Rome’s Oribu. On the album is “Ibis,” a mellower-than-mellow collection of chattering percussion, wordless vocal samples, and glassy melodic swatches. It’s like Ratatat took a bunch of anti-anxiety meds and floated in a pool for a few hours.

Bottomfed – Hunter

“Hunter,” off the album Chasing The Light, the final release from the now-defunct Massachusetts metal band Bottomfed, is a snarl of machine gun drum rolls, six-string lightning bursts, and distorted, bellowing vocals. It’s got the frantic, nose-to-the-ground energy of hardcore, but the shredtastic technicality of metalcore bands like Unearth. A worthy final offering from the Bottomfed boys.

Don Juancho Villa – Zuchinni flute

Enjoy the futuristic sounds of the “Zuchinni flute,” created electronically by the psychedelic Montreal-based synth dude Don Juancho Villa (bonus points for the awesome stage name). Pinging sonar blips and metallic echoes percolate within a digital sonic cavern. Spaaaacey, maaan.


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