Daily Yinz – Glam Hand – Dylan

Pittsburgh janglers Glam Hand are back with a new EP called Glum Hum, the title of which is a synonym for the phrase “downcast music,” which is kind of what Glam Hand makes.

Calling Glam Hand a downer band would be reductive, though; the group shades its gentle slack-rockers with chaotic bursts of psychedelia and technicolor guitar effects that round out frontman Cole Tucci’s restrained delivery and ambivalent lyrics. Take “Dylan,” which kicks off like the Velvet Underground’s “Heroin” and tells the tale of Dinosaur Dylan, “living and dying in the dark […] dancing until he dropped,” before blooming outward, layers of sunny vocal harmonies combining to form some honest-to-god, 60’s throwback doo-wop. Dinosaur Dylan’s story might be melancholy, but the music to which it’s set is rich and colorful, just like Glum Hum‘s face-melting artwork. Glam Hand have started the new decade strong.

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