Daily Yinz – Shorty Shayla – Ozzy

Shorty Shayla is a Pittsburgh rapper whose quirky, whimsical persona is sharpened by some serious rhyming ability.

Shayla’s newest single, “Ozzy,” trades the mischievous, just-rolled-out-of-bed musings of previous tracks like “Chosen $” for icy bars and stinging put-downs. All trace of melody has been stripped from the track’s instrumental, leaving nothing but a minimalist canvas of skeletal percussion and rumbling bass. Shayla lays down rapid-fire boasts using an ever-evolving series of flows, comparing herself to the famously articulate Black Sabbath frontman and inexplicably (but deservedly) dissing former president Richard Nixon. Gleefully explicit and boundlessly confident, “Ozzy” is another strong entry from a rising talent in Pittsburgh hip-hop.

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