Daily Discovery 01.28.20

Y.L.OH – Océano

Berlin dance music label Underyourskin Records recently released the second edition of its compilation series, Follow The Call Of The Discoball. Included on the album is “Océano,” by New York-based DJ Y.L.OH; the track rides a low and slow house groove as it expands from a minimalist intro into a series of creeping melodic layers. Check it out if you like deep house and that sort of thing.



Fayetteville, AR noise-rockers PM FONT like to WRITE THINGS IN CAPITAL LETTERS. The stylistic choice reflects the distorted feedback squeals and all-out fuzz of the band’s new song, “I WANNA BE HOME.” PM FONT’s uncredited lead singer, “driving back to where I’m from,” twangs and yearns like the bluesmen of old. The ramblin’ energy of the American South remains the same even when the instruments are zapped with 10000 volts.


Ferran Besalduch – VELA

To create his new album, Argonauta (Call It Anything Records), Spanish experimental musician Ferran Besalduch treated his improvised peals of saxophone with various electronic textures to create an otherworldly array of sounds. “VELA” is the mournful call of a jazzy deep ocean creature, muffled and alone at the bottom of an unplumbed trench.



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