Daily Yinz – Rhyme – Nirvana

Rhyme is a Pittsburgh-via-Flint-via-Minneapolis rapper, singer, and dancer whose latest EP, Goin' Up, was released at the end of November (so yes, we're a bit late on this one). Rhyme's flows on Goin' Up augment Cardi B-style brashness and badassery with a strong melodic edge, while the EP's instrumentals range from underwater booms and baps … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Rhyme – Nirvana


Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Mezzotint

Pittsburgh producer Glo Phase follows up last summer's Fall Deep, a collaboration with vocalist Jocelyn Rent, with Mezzotint, a series of washed-out, downtempo instrumentals. A mezzotint is defined as "a print made from an engraved copper or steel plate on which the surface has been partially roughened, for shading, and partially scraped smooth, giving light … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Mezzotint

Daily Yinz – Julian Glander – ANTASIA: Music for my Little Six-Legged Friends

With ANTASIA: Music for my Little Six-Legged Friends, noted illustrator and 3D graphic artist Julian Glander has created "the first album recorded JUST for ants." Glander's music, like the artwork featured in his bizarrely entertaining comics, pulses with a digital vitality. The squishy, anthropomorphic shapes that traipse through his blocky, 3D planes find their sonic … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Julian Glander – ANTASIA: Music for my Little Six-Legged Friends

Daily Yinz – chris††† – Victim

Chris††† is an irreverent Pittsburgh vaporwave artist that borrows liberally from all corners of the musicverse. Chris†††'s new single, Victim, takes a step away from the frantic plunderphonics of some earlier releases and into the realm of stately instrumental grandeur. The single's title track is the kind of thing that would play in a movie … Continue reading Daily Yinz – chris††† – Victim

Daily Discovery 01.15.20

The Milk Factory - Roundish "The Milk Factory" might sound like a boogeyman destination that cow parents use to scare their calves into good behavior, but it's actually the name of a group that comes out of Ghent, Belgium's thriving contemporary jazz scene. "Roundish," from the group's new release, Aula (W.E.R.F Records), features gentle eddies … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.15.20

Daily Yinz – Hozay – Baby Boy

Hozay is a Pittsburgh rapper whose white-knuckle bars hit like a series of gut punches. Hozay's new single, "Baby Boy," (produced by Pittsburgh's own Stunna2Fly) portrays an existence teetering on the edge of destruction. The stakes are set immediately. Within the track's first half-minutes, Hozay raps, backed by a menacing piano figure, "The life I'm … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hozay – Baby Boy

Daily Discovery 01.13.20

Honey Cutt - Vacation Boston trio Honey Cutt gives classic surf music a millennial update on "Vacation," a single from their upcoming release, Coasting. Backed by a retro drumbeat and guitar chords that waver like the air above a scalding expanse of sand, frontwoman Kaley Honeycutt takes the wind out of a "nice guy"s sails. … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.13.20

Daily Yinz – The Clock Reads – Elation

The Clock Reads is a Pittsburgh jazz-rock quartet whose recordings evoke the breezy flow of a jam band concert. The group's latest release is called Gnomon, which translates from Greek as "one that knows or examines." On the song "Elation," the Clock boys examine a knotty jazz groove using snare rolls, cymbal flutters, and a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Clock Reads – Elation