Daily Yinz – Rhyme – Nirvana

Rhyme is a Pittsburgh-via-Flint-via-Minneapolis rapper, singer, and dancer whose latest EP, Goin’ Up, was released at the end of November (so yes, we’re a bit late on this one).

Rhyme’s flows on Goin’ Up augment Cardi B-style brashness and badassery with a strong melodic edge, while the EP’s instrumentals range from underwater booms and baps to tightly wound, futuristic trunk rattlers. The closing track, “Nirvana” (produced by one Aaron Karsh), is the EP’s best showcase of Rhyme’s vocal versatility, as she switches between soulful singing and motivational raps overtop a start-stop beat that reminds me of Amine’s “Caroline” gone all EDM Festival. Rhyme repeatedly warns doubters, “Don’t let her get the chance,” before taking a more meditative tack; “When enough is enough/Look up to the stars/Inhale and exhale the air.” “Nirvana” splits the difference nicely between braggadocious confidence and centered, spiritual calm, keeping the energy high the whole way.

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