Daily Yinz – Mac Miller – Good News

A few days ago, Mac Miller's family announced the upcoming release of a posthumous album, Circles, produced by composer Jon Brion. "Good News" is its first single. "Good News" continues down the melodic path that Miller trod on his final few albums. There's no rapping here, just weary singing overtop palm-muted guitar, dusty drums, and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Mac Miller – Good News


Daily Yinz – Sierra Sellers – Grown

Sierra Sellers, recently named by NPR as an artist to watch in 2020, starts the year off strong with "Grown." The track, produced by Drop0uts, is about as minimalist as they come, consisting of not much more than an unhurried funk bass line (courtesy of Jonny Goood, a member of Lady Gaga's live band), some … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sierra Sellers – Grown

Daily Yinz – Facewreck – Losin’ My Cool

Facewreck is a Pittsburgh hardcore act that pledges undying fealty to the power of the eternal mosh pit. Facewreck recently released 2020 Single 1 Yo, which is (surprise!) their first single of the new decade. It features the track "Losin' My Cool," a fightin' song if I've ever heard one. If the 2010's were the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Facewreck – Losin’ My Cool

Daily Yinz – How Things Are Made x Skeletonized – How Skeletonized Is Made

How Things Are Made and Skeletonized both practice the art of the improvised freakout, stuffing their absurdist cacophonies with shards of metal, punk, jazz, ambient, and plain old noise. The two groups unite for a joint release, How Skeletonized Is Made. Because HTAM and Skeletonized toss so many stylistic ingredients into their stew of derangement, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – How Things Are Made x Skeletonized – How Skeletonized Is Made

Daily Yinz – Cloning – weighted

Dana Matthiessen's Cloning specializes in electronic sound collages that extend well into musique concrète levels of abstraction. "Weighted" is a track from Cloning's lapses, originally released on cassette last March by the FUC label and available now for download. The album is described by Matthiessen as "the sound of rummaging through electronic trash heaps." As … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Cloning – weighted

Yearly Yinz 2019 Playlist

A playlist featuring (most of) the songs included on Bored In Pittsburgh's 2019 Yearly Yinz list https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4LhOHARNTXHs5NC523eFzD?si=StnWPsR6Tj6uxF1cWcOwDA Yearly Yinz songs not on Spotify (and where to find them) Cold Mass - Grinding Poverty Jacquea Mae - He'll Welcome Me Joyframe - Not Anyone Else's Fool Leek Lone - NOSTALGIC Son of None - Little Matchstick … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2019 Playlist

Daily Yinz – House & Hawk – Thrillseekers

Pittsburgh duo House & Hawk return to rocking with their new Pure Emotion EP (Heavy River Records) after an "extended vacation in the spiraling world of electronic pop." "Thrillseekers" instills the noisy shagginess of H&H's sound with an anthemic drive, moving the proceedings out of the garage and onto the open road itself. Chugging power … Continue reading Daily Yinz – House & Hawk – Thrillseekers

Daily Yinz – BrothaMans – Ctrl

BrothaMans is a Pittsburgh-area polymath who runs the indie entertainment company Man Made Studios and also makes music of his own. He released his latest EP, Ref5esh, last week. "Ctrl," the EP's first song proper after the brief "PWR ON" intro, begins with a sample of the Her-associated Alan Watts monologue about falling in love. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – BrothaMans – Ctrl