Daily Yinz – Julian Glander – ANTASIA: Music for my Little Six-Legged Friends

With ANTASIA: Music for my Little Six-Legged Friends, noted illustrator and 3D graphic artist Julian Glander has created “the first album recorded JUST for ants.”

Glander’s music, like the artwork featured in his bizarrely entertaining comics, pulses with a digital vitality. The squishy, anthropomorphic shapes that traipse through his blocky, 3D planes find their sonic counterparts in the ticks, burbles, chimes, and bleeps that comprise ANTASIA‘s five short tracks. Glander’s early-2000’s computer game soundtrack aesthetic is both hypermodern and throwback in the same way that vaporwave music is, but where that genre meditates on retrofuturist mundanity with an air of ironic detachment, Glander really just wanted to make some ditties for his ants to listen to as they did ant things on their ant farm; it’s wholesome as shit. “Ant Hill Sunset” sounds like Baby Walrus, Polar Bear Cub, and Arctic Puffin from Elf marveling at a glorious, synthetic evening sky, and I love it. Even though Glander requests, “No human listeners please,” give this one a listen.

Check out the rest of ANTASIA and follow Julian Glander on social media


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