Daily Yinz – BusCrates – How Ya Gonna Do It (ft. Kate Moe Dee)

Veteran Pittsburgh producer BusCrates teases his upcoming LP, Blasting Off (Bastard Jazz), with the ebullient lead single "How Ya Gonna Do It." The song taps into the classic funk energy that hangs in the air all around us, bringing to mind images of a time (well before I was born, mind you) that featured perms, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – BusCrates – How Ya Gonna Do It (ft. Kate Moe Dee)

Daily Yinz – Slowhaunt – SCARY LITTLE CHURCHYARD

Slowhaunt (a pseudonym for Pittsburgh artist Nathan King) recently released Funeral Hits, Pts 01 and 02, two albums stuffed full of Halloweeny synth tracks. Blessed with names like "BLOOD IN THE POTPOURRI," "THE FLORIST IS A PIECE OF SHIT," and "PUSS COVERED HEALING CRYSTAL," the songs evoke a Rob Zombie semi-funhouse, a place in which … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Slowhaunt – SCARY LITTLE CHURCHYARD

Daily Yinz – TOBACCO – Centaur Skin

Pittsburgh-area experimental artist TOBACCO (a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow) emerges from the moldy robot cave in which he's been dwelling since 2016 with two singles in advance of his upcoming release, Hot Wet & Sassy. "Centaur Skin" features an insistent, distorted bass line, arpeggiated with inhuman precision (a la Daft Punk), that skips … Continue reading Daily Yinz – TOBACCO – Centaur Skin

Daily Yinz – D r a g o n C e n t u r y 9 9 – Rafflesia

D r a g o n C e n t u r y 9 9 is a Pittsburgh vaporwave artist who recently contributed to Helpin Aht! Records's BAIL compilation. Rafflesia blooms can grow up to 3 feet across!! DC99's July 3rd release, Floralisms, contains "songs about flowers of all types: digital, mystical, and more." The … Continue reading Daily Yinz – D r a g o n C e n t u r y 9 9 – Rafflesia

Daily Yinz – Ky Vöss – Masochism

Ky Vöss, a Pittsburgh artist who makes dream pop music for the damned, returns with "Masochism," the first single from the upcoming Coping Mechanisms. "Masochism" is a streamlined arrow of a song, engineered to barrel ever forward through the banks of luminous synth that surround it, an electrified bullet train made of pure pop. Vöss, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Ky Vöss – Masochism

Daily Yinz – Samurai Velvet – Siren

Samurai Velvet are a Pittsburgh duo, comprising singer Saige Smith and producer Joe Chilcott, whose debut single, "Siren," dropped last week. The slinky track slowly unfurls itself from murky, bass-filled depths (much like the sirens of Homeric mythology rose, tantalizing, from the sea), gradually adding layers of austere percussion as it builds to its hook, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Samurai Velvet – Siren

Ali Berger – Direct Experience

Purchase Ali Berger's Direct Experience to support the National Council For Incarcerated And Formerly Incarcerated Women And Girls. The album is a series of improvised, minimally overdubbed synth excursions, featuring shifting layers of rhythms that hiss, splash, whir, and click like a sonic Rube Goldberg contraption. Check out some tunes below and follow the link … Continue reading Ali Berger – Direct Experience

Daily Yinz – jGGZ Patel – PANDEMONIUM

Pittsburgh producer jGGZ Patel created his new album, BLACK BODY RADIATION, as a "mini opus" in response to the uprisings of the past few weeks. About the project, Patel writes, "Black-body radiation is the thermal electromagnetic radiation within or surrounding a body in thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment, emitted by a black body." As you'd … Continue reading Daily Yinz – jGGZ Patel – PANDEMONIUM

Music That Is True – A Q+A With Organic Electronic Artist Alvin Row

Photo provided by Alvin Alvin Row is a Pittsburgh artist whose experimental compositions range in style from tactile, insular guitar meditations to squiggly synth jam sessions, maintaining a spirit of off-kilter outside-the-boxness throughout. His new release, Kosher, drops tomorrow. To mark the occasion, Alvin was kind enough to answer some questions for Bored In Pittsburgh; … Continue reading Music That Is True – A Q+A With Organic Electronic Artist Alvin Row