Daily Yinz – Ozilate – Hazy (feat. Indigo Rae)

New collaboration between producer Ozilate and singer/songwriter Indigo Rae traverses a post-breakup wasteland. Last time we checked in on Indigo Rae, they were singing melancholic ballads over spare ukulele. On "Hazy," the melancholy lingers ("When I breathe in/My bed still smells like you/Baby, now I'm faded/Self medicated"), but its soundtrack takes a different tack. Producer … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Ozilate – Hazy (feat. Indigo Rae)

Daily Yinz – Stabscotch – XALLELUJAH DÆMON

Every so often, you come across an album that truly confuses you. Stabscotch's PRISON JAR is one of those albums. Prison Jar sounds like the narrator from Naked Lunch holding court on Instagram Live, ranting into the mic and noodling on a keyboard while a grindcore band plays behind him. On the album, the four … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Stabscotch – XALLELUJAH DÆMON

Daily Yinz – water armor – My Reflection

Water armor, a side project of FLOOR BABA, sets aside the former's hyper-expressive video game sounds for something a bit more meditative. Where FLOOR BABA's chiptune synths and frenetic beats bring to mind images of sleepover-happy middle schoolers crushing energy drinks, button-mashing XBOX, and hurting themselves on a friend's trampoline, water armor's most recent release, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – water armor – My Reflection

Daily Yinz – Hemlock For Socrates – warren-abyss mix

Glitchy, gothic duo Hemlock For Socrates recently shared a remix of "warren," a track from their 2019 album, Paper Animals. The remix holds on to the original track's insinuating sense of obsession (when vocalist Heather Shore sings, "I won't hurt you," you're not sure if it's a promise of devotion or some You-level shit), but … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hemlock For Socrates – warren-abyss mix

Daily Yinz – Pat Coyle – Glimmer of Gordon

Pat Coyle posits his latest album, Relic of a Rift, as a series of snapshots into the lonely, disconnected lives of alternate selves. Relic retains the melancholy of Coyle's previous releases, but sends his sorrow spinning onto a dimly-lit dance floor in a flurry of blipping electronic beats. "Glimmer of Gordon," which contrasts breezy acoustic … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Pat Coyle – Glimmer of Gordon

Daily Yinz – Six O’Matic – The Mayor of Yesterday

Six O'Matic, an experimental artist whose compositions range in style "from ambient to Appalachian," released his latest album, The Mayor of Yesterday (Wild Kindness), in December. Where Six O'Matic's last release, 2019's Aging, comprised a series of glacial drones, Mayor plays out like a funhouse ride, with bagpipes, digitized drums, and electronic wobbles all competing … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Six O’Matic – The Mayor of Yesterday

Daily Yinz – Corrine Jasmin – Missed Connections

Although she may currently reside in New York, multimedia artist Corrine Jasmin has strong Pittsburgh ties, having been a fixture in the city's creative community before relocating. Jasmin's debut EP, Fever Dream Insomniac (released in November), explores themes of reckoning--with self, with grief, with love--through an immersive blend of spoken word, hip-hop, and electronic styles. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Corrine Jasmin – Missed Connections

Daily Yinz – Mome Rath – Sunlit

Mitcham Tuell's Mome Rath project (named for the tiny, two-legged puffballs from Alice In Wonderland) infuses dance music with a jittery, unsettling energy. Mome Rath's debut release, Kitchamajig, contains vaporous melodic swells, fast-twitch drum programming, brass accents, and a few garbled vocal samples. "Sunlit," the album's second track, is both its strangest and most subdued … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Mome Rath – Sunlit

Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – CAN’T IMAGINE

Bishop Ivy's new EP, parasocial, explores loss and loneliness through the lens of glossy electronic pop. Imagine if the two Justins (Bieber, Timberlake) got their hearts broken, teamed up, and went on a Shlohmo binge; parasocial resembles the fruits of that hypothetical collaboration. Digitized drums boom, pulses of bass worm their way beneath darkly sleek … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – CAN’T IMAGINE

Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Ice Sleeper

Glo Phase, a producer who moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles earlier this year, recently released a new record on the 100% Silk label. With each album, Glo Phase consistently manages to balance crystalline gloss and soulful warmth, and Early Moments is no different. Misty keyboard tones wash over beds of crisp, organic-sounding percussion, like … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Ice Sleeper