Daily Yinz – Alvin Row – What You Do To Me

Alvin Row's latest release, Small Feelings, conveys emotions that are hard to place. While tranquil grooves, warm, floaty synths, and naturalistic samples drive a number of the pieces on Small Feelings, "What You Do To Me" hits like a blissed-out rave held inside an arcade. As drum-and-bass style percussion twists itself into knotty patterns, digital … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Alvin Row – What You Do To Me


Daily Yinz – slowdanger – CRUEL HAND

slowdanger are an experimental performance body whose work fuses sound and movement; their latest album is called VEIL. slowdanger have long used dissonant synths and eerie snippets of the human voice to build their mysterious sound cocoons, but VEIL represents a long stride into a swirling, noisy abyss. Grainy static whips the ears like a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – slowdanger – CRUEL HAND

Daily Yinz – Calvin & Cletus – WitChu

NardoSays and Good Dude Lojack join forces as Calvin & Cletus, with a debut album out on Delicate Cashmere. Individually, these musicians specialize in rich, funky productions that are heavy in texture and atmosphere, so it follows that the music they create together would be as lush and vibrant as a rainforest. Beats bounce and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Calvin & Cletus – WitChu

Daily Yinz – Skeletonized – Rat Burger

For their latest album, Weed Metal, the free jazz noisemakers collaborated with synth brutalists from CA's Daft Alliance. I've never eaten a rat burger. I don't know if anyone's eaten a rat burger. Nevertheless, Skeletonized and their collaborators have created a theme for the pestilent sandwich, and it's surprisingly placid, by Skeletonized standards. Sure, there … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Skeletonized – Rat Burger

A Word By Itself Can Create A Visceral Reaction – A Q+A With Memory Front

Photo provided by artist Memory Front are a duo that creates dramatic electro-rock suites that plumb the dark depths of human experience, be they personal or political. Jesse, the band's vocalist/synthesizerist, was kind enough to answer a few questions for Bored In Pittsburgh. Check it out below: ### Who/what is Memory Front? A tagline or … Continue reading A Word By Itself Can Create A Visceral Reaction – A Q+A With Memory Front

Daily Yinz – Gnarled Horse Throat – Melting Mammoth

The sludgy industrial project from Dave 8cylinder and Nick Breinich unveiled its debut, A Futile Stream of Commands (Darkfloor Sound), in October. Over the course of six tracks (and five remixes, including takes from Luke Lund and Napalm Death's Mick Harris), modular synths crawl all over each other like giant centipedes, while a drum machine … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gnarled Horse Throat – Melting Mammoth

Daily Yinz – Ozilate – Hazy (feat. Indigo Rae)

New collaboration between producer Ozilate and singer/songwriter Indigo Rae traverses a post-breakup wasteland. Last time we checked in on Indigo Rae, they were singing melancholic ballads over spare ukulele. On "Hazy," the melancholy lingers ("When I breathe in/My bed still smells like you/Baby, now I'm faded/Self medicated"), but its soundtrack takes a different tack. Producer … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Ozilate – Hazy (feat. Indigo Rae)