Daily Yinz – slowhaunt – Silks and Satins

New slowhaunt music means several things: multiple albums released at once, tons of songs, and some truly evocative titles. Funeral Hits, Pts. 3 and 4 contain such gems as "Tipsy Pallbearer," "Sweatin' in the Ghoul Car," "Thicc and Godless," and "Rotten Caterer." There are 50 tracks shared between these two albums, so it's tough to … Continue reading Daily Yinz – slowhaunt – Silks and Satins

Daily Yinz – Swampwalk – Cloud

Swampwalk releases two versions of a tender little track, one stripped down and the other 8-bitted. Swampwalk's first take of "Clouds" combines gentle acoustic guitar, lonely strings, and a ticking electronic beat to create a meditative groove that's just a bit cattywampus, giving it a rough, homespun charm. The second take, recorded live from The … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Swampwalk – Cloud

Daily Yinz – DJ Workaholic – Really Nasty

DJ Workaholic specializes in a frenetic, supercharged style of electronic music known as "happy hardcore." Workaholic's new EP, Phosphene (released via the Metamind Artistry Collective) contains sugary synths, caffeinated tempos, and gobs of monstrous bass. "Really Nasty," a track built around pounding, merciless drum programming, bludgeons you over the head with a two-note hook (not … Continue reading Daily Yinz – DJ Workaholic – Really Nasty

Daily Yinz – Zombi – Black Forest

Where 1970's Italy had Goblin, 21st century Pittsburgh has Zombi. The prog duo's latest EP, Liquid Crystal, was released last week on Relapse Records. Liquid Crystal displays Zombi's skill at creating sweeping, epic instrumental pieces using the classic prog toolkit (see: badass guitars, bombastic drums, cinematic synths). Like the stratospheric manta rays gliding across its … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Zombi – Black Forest

Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Come with Me (ft. Jocelyn Rent)

Glo Phase and Jocelyn Rent, whose 2019 collaboration, Fall Deep, was a supremely chill study in vocal house, reunite for an EP called Escape, originally meant for release right around the time COVID struck. The EP's four tracks center on themes of transition and change, and closer "Come with Me" sees Rent perched at the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Come with Me (ft. Jocelyn Rent)

Daily Yinz – Alysm – What’s The Purpose? (ft. Faaathom)

Alysm creates brooding indie-pop using retro synth ingredients; his latest single, featuring rapper Faaathom, came out in March on Supercomputer Records. Don't let "What's The Purpose?"s jaunty backbeat, funky guitars, and whistling synths fool you; this one is meant for a dance floor enveloped in the miasma of depression, where people bob straight-faced heads and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Alysm – What’s The Purpose? (ft. Faaathom)

Ron Mist – Floor Have Mercy

Support the Mr. Roboto Project and The Alignment Chapter by purchasing “Floor Have Mercy,” the funky second single from emo-folkie-turned-DJ Ron Mist, whose primary musical goal is to get people moving without self-consciousness or fear. As it's put on the song, "Dancing is a mercy on human beings bound by necessity," so let Mist and their cast of guest … Continue reading Ron Mist – Floor Have Mercy

Samir Gangwani – Daisy Chain Mix

Check out Samir Gangwani's mix for Chicago's Daisychain podcast, a venture that seeks to "connect and develop a symbiotic network of trans, gender nonconforming people and women - from all backgrounds, both within and beyond the queer community." Gangwani's mix is stuffed to the brim with contorted rhythms, rapid-fire breakbeats, electronic blips, and disjointed snatches … Continue reading Samir Gangwani – Daisy Chain Mix

Daily Yinz – Feralcat – waiting for waifu pt. 4 – green

Roger Rafael Romero's Feralcat tones down the prog metal pyrotechnics of his 2019 debut with waiting for waifu, a series of self-produced instrumentals. Wfw's 7 tracks, named after the colors of the visible light spectrum, draw from vaporwave's playing-early-2000s-computer-games-in-a-lounge aesthetic, with steady, clicking rhythms and placid synth tones creating a sleepy, nostalgic atmosphere throughout. "Pt. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Feralcat – waiting for waifu pt. 4 – green

Daily Yinz – RΛUL – Glimmer

RΛUL is a Pittsburgh-based solo artist who creates a dreamy, digitized strain of R&B; Rose (The Flower) is his latest EP. "Glimmer," my favorite track from Rose, floats by on a bed of pillowy synths, washed out strings, swirling, reversed vocal samples, and leisurely breakbeats. Hard-hitting pulses of electro bass keep things from drifting off, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – RΛUL – Glimmer