Daily Discovery 01.16.20

Terence Etc. – Like That Tho?

Brooklyn’s Terence Nance is the creator of the surreal HBO sketch series Random Acts Of Flyness, and he brings the same kitchen-sink approach to the music that he creates as Terence Etc. “Like That Tho?”, the opening track from Terence Etc’s debut EP Things I Never Had, displays an intense, yet abstract, sensuality, delivered via whirling synth patterns, handclaps, and densely layered vocals. Nance’s lyrics are a rush of impressionistic associations and rhetorical questions, mysterious and evocative. The song, in all its unclassifiable originality, reminds me of the work of the great Serpentwithfeet. An impressive entry from a true creative.

Haderach – Ghost of The Desert

Haderach, a doomy prog-metal band from Toronto, crafts sci-fi epics that feature big concepts, big guitars, and big runtimes. “Ghost of The Desert,” the closer from the group’s newly-released Cult Of Personality (loosely based on Frank Herbet’s novel Dune Messiah), splits its time between reverent, atmospheric passages that creep along like lava flows and bursts of groovy, gnarled riffage. You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of the album’s space messiah plot to appreciate the song’s badassery.

Rayana – Relationships

Los Angeles’s Rayana is a mysterious singer/songwriter whose debut EP, Eye To Eye, dropped over the weekend. Her smooth soul music is a throwback to the ballads of 80’s greats like Sade. Follow the sonic thread even further back and you’ll find nods to quiet storm and Motown. “Relationships” is a languorous, string-laden ballad that celebrates both the good and the bad times in a romantic partnership. It’s like an old friend greeting you from decades past.


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