Daily Discovery 01.13.20

Honey Cutt – Vacation

Boston trio Honey Cutt gives classic surf music a millennial update on “Vacation,” a single from their upcoming release, Coasting. Backed by a retro drumbeat and guitar chords that waver like the air above a scalding expanse of sand, frontwoman Kaley Honeycutt takes the wind out of a “nice guy”s sails. Spend a few minutes at the beach in the depths of winter with this song.

Head Dress – The Magician Led Them Through The Streets

We’ve got more moody instrumental music from Antwerp’s Audio Visuals Atmosphere label. Head Dress‘s “The Magician Led Them Through The Streets,” which sounds like the first line of a James Joyce short story, centers on a descending progression of synth notes that repeats itself, möbius-like, for 127 seconds. The beginning is the end is the beginning.

CRL CRRL – Unique Kinda Love

With the his latest single, “Unique Kinda Love,” Denver-based producer Carl Carrell (aka CRL CRRLL) has crafted a twinkling, downtempo slow jam reminiscent of the tranquil R&B&chill produced by the likes of Canada’s Ango and Denmark’s Taragana Pyjarama. A haunted vocal snippet gives way to delicate music box melodies while disembodied voices chatter in the background. The result is slight, elusive, and gorgeous.


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