Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Tosser – Wishful Thinking

Washingtnon, DC’s Tosser makes music for those who like their guitars woolly and their vocals slack-jawed. The group is back with “Wishful Thinking,” the first single released from their upcoming album, Total Restraint. Overtop moody, chugging chords, frontman Eric Zidar admits, “I’m sure no more,” dazed. It’s a slacktastic garage remedy for those midwinter blues.

Internet X – One Choice

Internet X is a New York City R&B singer whose latest album, Rosé with a J, dropped last week. The opening track, “One Choice,” is a waltzy slow jam set to gliding guitar chords, a perfect song for tipsy serenades, middle school dances, and lovelorn insomnia sessions. Marvin Gaye would be proud.

Madame Swann – La Mort De Swann

Madame Swann is a Victorian gothic musical project based out of Lorient, France. Marie-Cécile Malhaire and Arnaud Spitz (of the dark folk group Pale Roses) play previously unrecorded, century-old classical compositions on spooky synthesizers. “La Mort De Swan” was written by pianist Jeanne Spitz in the 1910’s; Malhaire and the modern Spitz’s take on the dreamlike ballad sounds like a vintage sci-fi soundtrack, all piercing quivers and shivers of melody. Take a journey back to soot-filled streets and frilly lace dresses with this one.


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