Daily Yinz – TyDanzuso – Lights In The Sky

TyDanzuso specializes in jazzy, muted hip-hop compositions; his latest single, “Lights In The Sky” takes a slightly spacier route.

The track is mostly an instrumental, save for Danzuso’s dazed mantra: “Lights in the sky every night.” The phrase could be referring to stars or planets, but the quality of the music leads one to suspect that something slightly more psychedelic could be at play. A featherlight beat provides backing for wave after wave of soothing jam band guitar runs (Danzuso could fit right in with, say, Perpetual Groove), accented by faint wisps of saxophone. This one reminds me of hours spent back in high school religiously checking ThisSongIsSick.com for new releases whose genre tags were a portmanteau of “chill” and another musical suffix. The song comes complete with an expertly animated, alien-themed video, courtesy of Dylan Goodsell.

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