Daily Yinz – C.J. – Music to My Fears

Impressively-voiced artist C.J.’s latest release, The Blue EP, is a passionate ode to love and marriage.

On the EP’s opening track, “Music to My Fears,” C.J.–who is himself getting married in September–uses a widescreen, gospel-tinged arrangement to deliver a heartfelt tribute to his future husband. Over a windswept piano part, accented by dramatic strings and rich, soulful backing vocals, C.J. sings acrobatically about the man who is “silence to my tears […] music to my fears,” hitting a truly impressive range of notes along the way. The song’s cinematic scope and romantic subject matter generate some serious “Kiss from a Rose” energy. Instagram seems to be flooded with wedding photos at the moment, so “Music to My Fears” is an excellent listen for this time of year.

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