Daily Yinz – Different Places in Space – Sugar Nova

The psych quartet rang in the new year with a self-titled album release. The songs on Different Places in Space come suspended in a hallucinatory tide pool of sound. The jammy ballads float around like little jellyfish, and even the uptempo rockers stretch and warp like they've been filtered through an infinity mirror. "Sugar Nova" … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Different Places in Space – Sugar Nova


Daily Yinz – Fortune Teller – Metal Earth

Fortune Teller, a psych-rock duo consisting of guitarist Giovanni Orsini and drummer J.J. Young, are due to release a new album, Collapse (Steel City Death Club), in October. "Metal Earth," one of two singles released in advance of Collapse, is an apocalyptically sludgy maelstrom of a song that turns the doom knob up to 11. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Fortune Teller – Metal Earth

Daily Yinz – FADE TO PHARAOH – When We Lose Our Names

FADE TO PHARAOH are an offshoot of psych-rock outfit Sciencevision; their self-titled debut was released on member Brandon Dunlap's Astral Research label. FADE TO PHARAOH's sounds encompass swaggering shoegaze, knotty six-string workouts, and whimsical slackerism, culminating with closer "When We Lose Our Names," which takes the previous songs' ingredients--jangling, jazz-tinged guitar, synth accents, and dextrous … Continue reading Daily Yinz – FADE TO PHARAOH – When We Lose Our Names

Daily Yinz – TyDanzuso – Lights In The Sky

TyDanzuso specializes in jazzy, muted hip-hop compositions; his latest single, "Lights In The Sky" takes a slightly spacier route. The track is mostly an instrumental, save for Danzuso's dazed mantra: "Lights in the sky every night." The phrase could be referring to stars or planets, but the quality of the music leads one to suspect … Continue reading Daily Yinz – TyDanzuso – Lights In The Sky

Daily Yinz – Melt – Holy War

Melt are a collection of PGH music veterans who recently released a swampy self-titled debut. Melt contains all of the stoner rock staples: wooly, anvil-heavy guitars, chord progressions dripping with swaggering menace, and fuzzed-out vocals pitched at a rawk god register. The album art, which displays an entity--part angler fish, part cyborg, part coral reef, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Melt – Holy War

Daily Yinz – Birds Unltd. – Still Holding on to You

Birds Unltd. specialize in rhythmic, synth-heavy psych-pop music; "Still Holding on to You" is the group's latest single. The track contains five minutes' worth of swaggering guitar, chunky bass, phased cymbals, and buzzing keyboard lines, these elements creating a forceful groove that anchors dreamy, free-floating vocals that express trepidation over a relationship. It's like Franz … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Birds Unltd. – Still Holding on to You

Daily Yinz – slugss – belladonna

The psych-rockers of slugss released the wonderfully dreamy APPEAL a few years back; now, they let us under the hood with a collection of outtakes and demos from that era. Some of the tracks included on APPEAL outtakes eventually made the final cut, while others laid dormant until now. "Belladonna" is one of the latter … Continue reading Daily Yinz – slugss – belladonna

Daily Yinz – Astrology Now – Evil

Psych-rockers Astrology Now continue a strong run of singles with "Evil," released at the end of February. "Evil" kicks off with a massive, theatrical instrumental flourish, and then quickly settles in to a flower power groove complete with midtempo drums, ambling bass, and guitars that flit about like the circling birdies that used to accompany … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Astrology Now – Evil

Daily Yinz – Roussett – So Particular

Roussett makes psychedelic music that you might hear in a lounge in outer space. "So Particular," one half of the duo's two-track December release, The Only Thing That Makes Sense Doesn't Exist, sounds like Kurt Vile by way of Glass Animals, the former's noodly, aw-shucks-man guitar excursions filtered through the latter's whispery atmospheres and glossy … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Roussett – So Particular

Daily Yinz – Just Fern – DMT

Just Fern, a Pittsburgh native who specializes in introspective, punky, psych-pop ditties, recently released an album called Hungry Heart. "DMT," one of the album's singles, sounds like an early-2010s chillwave jam plied with sleeping pills and set adrift in a sensory deprivation tank. Plush sheets of synthesizer float in space, anchored by a drum's heartbeat … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Just Fern – DMT