Daily Yinz – Fortune Teller – Metal Earth

Fortune Teller, a psych-rock duo consisting of guitarist Giovanni Orsini and drummer J.J. Young, are due to release a new album, Collapse (Steel City Death Club), in October.

“Metal Earth,” one of two singles released in advance of Collapse, is an apocalyptically sludgy maelstrom of a song that turns the doom knob up to 11. The track opens with Orsini howling, Plant- or Obsourne-like, about burning dreams and drifting seas, while Young holds a steady gallop on his hi-hats. Soon, the whole thing explodes into a fuzzy, planet-crumbling guitar riff, and Young rebukes some cosmic foe, “This is what you’re aiming for/Dominate a metal earth of steel,” his voice ascending to true rock-god levels on that final, shrieked word. The rest of the song features frantic drum breaks, despairing lyrics, wah-wah solos, and, yes, an entire swamp’s-worth of primordial guitar ooze. Hold on to your face, lest it melt off and drip into Fortune Teller’s swirling void.

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