Daily Yinz – FADE TO PHARAOH – When We Lose Our Names

FADE TO PHARAOH are an offshoot of psych-rock outfit Sciencevision; their self-titled debut was released on member Brandon Dunlap’s Astral Research label.

FADE TO PHARAOH‘s sounds encompass swaggering shoegaze, knotty six-string workouts, and whimsical slackerism, culminating with closer “When We Lose Our Names,” which takes the previous songs’ ingredients–jangling, jazz-tinged guitar, synth accents, and dextrous drum patterns–and gently stretches them out into hazy ballad form, the kind of thing you’d associate with Galaxie 500 or Idaho. Frontman Adam Hess’s downcast vocals peek out from behind billowing clouds of melody, while chiming guitars curl around meandering drums and sighing cymbals. Although the lyrics are largely obscured, the song’s sense of melancholy comes through clearly; it’s a fittingly emotional coda to a strong release.

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