Daily Yinz/Premiere – The Real Sea – Jeong Kwan

Dream-poppers The Real Sea follow up June’s swooning “Paper Machete” with “Jeong Kwan,” premiering this morning on Bored In Pittsburgh.

The single pays tribute to the titular Seon Buddhist nun and vegan chef, a woman who uses simple, homegrown food to explore the eternal. The song hits like a sunrise–slight at first, and then radiant–starting off with gentle guitar chords and frontwoman Sharon Mok’s wistful, dreamlike musings (“At the bottom of the monastery steps you’ll look back/With love, only love[…]Think how light we’ll finally feel/Legs up in the clouds/Bound by a bright red string”); the drums hold off until around the minute-and-a-half mark, cracking into a steady rhythm to accompany the line, “You’re on the astral plane, flying around/And only love is holding you down.” The guitars grow ever more forceful, gaining brawn and volume before finally exploding into a rapturous solo, the final ascent to sublimity.

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