Daily Yinz – Kallan – Honeybee

Pittsburgh's Kallan Elizabeth (or just Kallan, for short) released The Impermanent Spectacle of Now, a poetic, assured folk album, in mid-August. For someone with such a minimal catalogue (just this album, preceded by one single, is available on Bandcamp), Kallan brings a unique, fully-formed sound to the table. Searching lyrics, often containing nature imagery and/or … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Kallan – Honeybee

Daily Yinz – Emily Zuzik – Get It Right

Greensburg, PA native Emily Zuzik (now based out of California) recently released Torch & Trouble, a collection of songs that combine a classic country sound with modern pop sensibilities. "Get It Right," one of my favorites from the album, leans closer to the Torch side of things than it does the Trouble. Gentle organ and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Emily Zuzik – Get It Right

Daily Yinz – Sciencevision – Learned from Inversion

On their latest album, Reality Tunnels, Pittsburgh dreamers Sciencevision augment vintage rock tunes with funhouse sonic flourishes and space-age interludes. Take late album highlight "Learned from Inversion," for example. Its moody, descending melody, propulsive bass groove, and choppy guitar chords recall Rubber Soul-era Beatles (and associated Rickenbacker-toting acts), but the rock 'n' roll meat and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sciencevision – Learned from Inversion

The Gotobeds – “Have You Checked The Tapes”/ “Blazing Sun of Youth”

Support Sisters PGH's COVID-19 relief efforts by purchasing The Gotobeds's early July release "Have You Checked The Tapes"/ "Blazing Sun of Youth," which contains two unreleased tracks from the Debt Begins At 30 sessions. True to form, the songs are ragged, jagged, and sardonic. ### ### ### Enjoy some Pittsburgh punk and help your community … Continue reading The Gotobeds – “Have You Checked The Tapes”/ “Blazing Sun of Youth”

Daily Yinz – King Catfish – Neptune Street

King Catfish are a Pittsburgh rock trio whose Americancer album dropped on July 3rd. The jittery "Neptune Street" is chock full of nervous, check-over-your-shoulder guitar riffs that close in like the walls of a paranoid fever dream. Frontman Jordan Barone, in full cold-sweat mode, frantically yelps, "Lately/I've seen/Some strange things/Some strange me's," like he's been … Continue reading Daily Yinz – King Catfish – Neptune Street

Daily Yinz – Drauve – LMK

Pittsburgh dream-pop duo Drauve returns with the rippling slow dance lament "LMK." The shimmering, kaleidoscopic textures that characterized Drauve's 2019 output are still there, but those crystalline guitars and ambling, late-summer-stroll-around-the-neighborhood drums have been mostly replaced by warm synth programming pulled straight from Napoleon Dynamite's prom playlist. A four-on-the-floor beat, coated in pastel-colored, fog machine … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Drauve – LMK

Daily Yinz – Sheridan Woika – I Just Hope I Left A Stain

Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Sheridan Woika used his social distancing downtime to record a homespun album called Tell The Squids! Tell The Lobsters! The album's music is a stripped-down blend of oddball humor and truly moving observations about love, belonging, and mechanical sea creatures. The horn-accented "I Just Hope I Left A Stain" rides a smoldering, circular … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sheridan Woika – I Just Hope I Left A Stain

Daily Yinz – Same – Bluish

Same are a Pittsburgh indie rock act that dreamified a guitar-heavy sound for their latest release. Plastic Western (Lauren Records) sparkles in places where previous Same entries may have brooded or churned. The rambling, start-stop sway of "Bluish" reminds me of something you'd hear from the exurban emo-folkers of Pittsburgh's own String Machine, whose Death … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Same – Bluish

Daily Yinz – Heirloom – Roses

Heirloom makes emo-tinged rock music that is both jagged and elegant; the group's debut, Figures in Dust, dropped last month. On "Roses," the album's closer, clean guitar spreads outward like ripples in an otherwise still pond, before the band explodes into a soaring passage that features powerful harmonies between frontwoman Candice McDermott and guitarist Stephen … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Heirloom – Roses

Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – To the Music World Unknown

Pittsburgh's Mixus Brothers approach their rootsy Americana tunes with a sense of homespun enthusiasm. Chapter One of the duo's seventh album, The Lonesome Gods, was released last week. The release's second track, "To the Music World Unknown," is a brief, wistful singalong that finds Jebbh and Red Mixus intertwining high and low harmonies overtop acoustic … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – To the Music World Unknown