Daily Yinz – A Kid Called Gauwd – She Loves Me Not

The hip-hop duo returns with “She Loves Me Not,” a track that adopts the signature sounds of mid-2000s pop-punk.

The first thing you’ll notice about “She Loves Me Not” is Ase Snefru’s pitch-perfect mock British accent, the sneering dialect popularized 15-20 years ago by every Cali dude with a guitar and skinny jeans. Each “I” becomes a sighed “Oii,” and the titular refrain ends with the line, “She loves me naawwt.” The angsty energy is matched by a floor-filling instrumental whose low end rumbles with grimy bass tones; it reminds me a bit of The Weeknd’s dance-punk excursion on “False Alarm.” Ase and Baby Byron, whose voice is warped into a distorted croon, sing about highs and lows, both romantic and otherwise; there’s talk of “shrooms in purple rooms,” trysts with soccer moms, Stockholm syndrome, and hearts left on mattresses. The track comes complete with a video shot in a dingy building pulled straight from a B-horror movie, the perfect setting for A Kid Called Gauwd’s musical bloodletting.

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