Daily Yinz – Melt – Holy War

Melt are a collection of PGH music veterans who recently released a swampy self-titled debut.

Melt contains all of the stoner rock staples: wooly, anvil-heavy guitars, chord progressions dripping with swaggering menace, and fuzzed-out vocals pitched at a rawk god register. The album art, which displays an entity–part angler fish, part cyborg, part coral reef, part ichthyosaur–writhing in either deep space or the deep ocean, doesn’t hurt the psych credentials, either. Mid-album highlight “Holy War” builds a suitably martial atmosphere, its chugging, flanged guitars and stomping drums conjuring images of a Tame Impala/Black Sabbath jam session. There aren’t frills or gimmicks on this one, just pure, fist-pumping asskickery.

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