Daily Yinz – INEZ – Reload

BLKNVMBR (a monthlong project highlighting Black R&B musicians in Pittsburgh) closed out with a single release from project cofounder INEZ.

“Reload” is rawer, more hard edged, than most anything I’ve heard from INEZ. Sure, 2019’s Voicemails and Conversations included biting shoulder brush-offs like “Pardon Me” and jealous lover jams like “Insecurity,” but this new single feels like a breath of flame delivered through gritted teeth. After being ushered in by a regal vocal sample, INEZ starts off by announcing, “I’m a big, big, big, big, big, big problem,” and then delivers on that promise for the track’s three minutes. Her voice is gruff, loud, and hits hard, especially during the menacing hook (“I reload/Keep the fire in the chamber, no joke”), although things do get smoothed out during a simmering, triplet-heavy second verse. “Reload” is a warning shot, much like last year’s bonus track “Pull Up,” a reminder that even though INEZ may sing a lot of love songs, she’s here to kick ass.

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