Daily Yinz – Urban Heat Island – Q Three (ft. Baseball Dad)

Urban Heat Island, a purveyor of placid guitar meditations, rounds out his often-acoustic sound with amplified twinkles and a few droning horns on August’s Quarter EP.

According to the trusty Wikipedia, an urban heat island is “an urban area or metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities.” It’s easy to imagine Jesse Descutner’s guitar pieces, released under the Urban Heat Island moniker, as mirages shimmering over Pittsburgh’s rusted sprawl of artificial temperature inflation, tranquil images of green and blue, suggestive of PA’s surrounding forests, that waver in and out of the ether. Q Three,” from the Quarter EP, contains cascading guitar jangles, pleasingly bent notes, and a haunting vocal turn from Baseball Dad‘s Hal McDonough, whose singing here resembles a light fall breeze bringing with it the suggestion of cold weather ahead. Homespun, chilly and warm at the same time, the song is perfect for the season.

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