Daily Yinz – Robin Grayson – Hold You Down

Robin Grayson is a Pittsburgh R&B artist who recently released her debut EP, Hold You Down. The EP's title track is a warm, yearning ballad that showcases Grayson's melismatic singing style, full of multi-syllabic runs, notes that slide easily up and down the musical scale, and a few sublime falsettos for good measure. Grayson promises … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Robin Grayson – Hold You Down

Daily Yinz – Joziah Council – One Thing

Pittsburgh R&B artist Joziah Council drops a self-directed music video for "One Thing," a lush slow jam released in September. Council's vocal style, smooth as a glass of aged whiskey, recalls that of trap'n'b crooners like Bryson Tiller and Partynextdoor. Where the former specializes in I'm-Salty-At-My-Ex torch serenades and the latter in louche come-ons, though, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Joziah Council – One Thing

Daily Yinz – Lucid Vizions – Notice Me (ft. Moo Wupp)

Pittsburgh's Out for Duckets Entertainment has a knack for summer romance tunes, with singer/rapper Lucid Vizions's "Notice Me" representing another breezy entry in the label's catalogue. Anyone who's ever had a crush on another person will feel this song, because it pines harder than a Christmas tree farm (terrible pun, I know). An understated instrumental … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lucid Vizions – Notice Me (ft. Moo Wupp)

Daily Yinz – KeyDaIntro – SummerBabyBlues (ft. Ensilence)

KeyDaIntro is a Pittsburgh singer, rapper, and producer whose debut album, Fleeting Thoughts, contains eight tracks of sumptuous, velvety R&B goodness. The music on Fleeting Thoughts creeps along like a bead of sweat dripping down a sauna-bound forehead, jazzy keyboards and snail's-pace percussion melting together into a semi-solid pool of late-June-afternoon energy. The slinky "SummerBabyBlues" … Continue reading Daily Yinz – KeyDaIntro – SummerBabyBlues (ft. Ensilence)

Daily Yinz – Dejah Monea – Pills Interlude

In late May, Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Dejah Monea released her debut album, Flowers And Dopamine, a collection of sumptuous neo-soul tracks. "Pills Interlude," a Bryson Tiller-esque meditation on beauty standards, social pressures, negative self-talk, and pharmaceutical relief, glides by in a haze of chilly synths and moth's wing hi-hats. Monea scrolls through her timeline on social … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Dejah Monea – Pills Interlude

Daily Yinz – ALONA – 999999999

Spectral R&B duo ALONA returns with a new single, "999999999." Leaning further into the murky depths that were plumbed on January's R.E.D, "999999999" drifts by in a subaqueous haze, muted synth tones blending with ghostly, disjointed vocals until they become one swirling entity. There's some ambient clatter in the background that reminds me of rattling … Continue reading Daily Yinz – ALONA – 999999999

Daily Yinz – Isis – Rack$ On Me

Isis is a Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artist whose gritty, aspirational debut single, "Rack$ on Me," dropped in April. The song is a melancholy, piano-led ballad featuring autobiographical verses packed with stark, specific details, and a refrain that re-imagines your standard money boast as a mantra for future success. Isis talks about growing up scrappy, remembering "nights … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Isis – Rack$ On Me

Daily Yinz – Dejah Monea – F*ck You Very Much

Dejah Monea is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who recently dropped one of the more scathing breakup tracks I've heard in a while. "Fuck You Very Much" is a smooth, slow-burn rebuke of a lyin', cheatin' partner, an archetype as old as music itself. Monea is mad as hell at someone, and she's willing to go into … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Dejah Monea – F*ck You Very Much

Daily Yinz – Aysie – Memory Lane

Aysie is a Pittsburgh singer, rapper, and songwriter who has dropped some excellent singles over the past few years. Aysie, like Nas did 26 years ago, takes listeners on a trip down "Memory Lane" with a rough track that dropped on her Soundcloud several weeks back. An instrumental built around glassy synth, grumbling bass, and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Aysie – Memory Lane