Daily Yinz – slowdanger – yourtime

Slowdanger are a multimedia duo who set experimental dance pieces against homemade electronic soundscapes.

Most of slowdanger’s projects contain both audio and visual components, but AR, a two-track album released in late November, is pure, propulsive sound. Its first song, “yourtime,” opens with grimy drum programming–subterranean warehouse rave stuff–before Anna Thompson’s voice appears for a moment, uttering a wordless murmur whose echo is left hanging, uneasy, while the beat marches on. Finally, minimalist pulses of melody enter the picture, adorning the rhythm’s skeletal frame with pale splotches of color. The overall effect is like someone took British DJ Mat Zo’s eerie, ecstatic “Lucid Dreams” and distilled it down to its essential nature. Slowdanger use just a few ingredients to create an insistent, elemental dance music experience that works its way into your very circuits.

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