Daily Yinz – Ozilate – Hazy (feat. Indigo Rae)

New collaboration between producer Ozilate and singer/songwriter Indigo Rae traverses a post-breakup wasteland.

Last time we checked in on Indigo Rae, they were singing melancholic ballads over spare ukulele. On “Hazy,” the melancholy lingers (“When I breathe in/My bed still smells like you/Baby, now I’m faded/Self medicated”), but its soundtrack takes a different tack. Producer Ozilate constructs an instrumental, full of swirling melodies, wobbly synths, and emphatic horn stabs, that could just as easily accompany a bed-bound weep session as it could a “lets forget they ever existed” night out. Like that Tove Lo remix from a while back, or that Mike Posner remix from a shorter while back, “Hazy” is a painful exploration of substance-based coping that’s been stealth packaged as a banger, and it works both ways.

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Check out more from Indigo Rae and follow on Instagram


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