Daily Yinz – Benji. – Jorja

Benji. returns with a languid dance track called “Jorja.”

Rather than coast off the success of 2021’s Smile, You’re Alive!, Benji. pulls a switch-up on his latest single, forgoing his previous album’s soulful rave-ups and meditative ballads in favor of a “Passionfruit“-style toe-tapper (produced by Nice Rec, Gianni Carter, and Damon Steele) built around flickering keyboards, rubbery bass, and mellow dance floor percussion. Benji. croons his way through this one, pledging his devotion to the titular character and reassuring, “Don’t be scared to love me […] I won’t waste your time.” The track is a showcase for Benji. the singer, who more than holds his own against Benji. the rapper, executing some tricky melodic runs along the way. Is he talking about Jorja Smith? A woman from the state of Georgia? A lady from Tbilisi? Who knows, but the song will have you nodding your head regardless.

Art by oniofhyrule.lotus and tiryk.lotus

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