Daily Yinz – Vicious Blade – Scavengers

Metal quintet follow up their 2020 debut with the blistering Siege of Cruelty EP.

If the guitar guy from Mad Max: Fury Road had been joined by an entire band’s worth of chemical-scarred miscreants, their music may have resembled the scorching thrash contained on Siege of Cruelty. It’s like punks worked themselves into napalm-fueled overdrive, or metalheads descended to a trash-strewn gutter, or maybe both; the sound is crusty, precise, and relentless. The EP’s second track, “Scavengers,” a furious charge led by galloping drums and roiling guitar riffs, sees vocalist Clarissa Badini, delivering her lines in an infernal rasp punctuated here and there by cleaner shouts, seethe against a hypocritical tyrant figure: “Defending morals for your benefit/Rehashed ideologies/Arrogance that you spit.” If I were sitting on a scrap metal throne out there in the nuclear wasteland, watering my cactus garden with the tears of children (or something nefarious like that), and heard this song echoing over the horizon, directed at me, I’d get out of there.

Album art by Skaðvaldur Art

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