Weekly Wrap-Up 07.15.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Rex Tycoon – Bad Habits

Woolly mope-rock whose guitars seem to jangle just a bit out of tune, an apt sonic backdrop for lyrics that bemoan a litany of self-defeating practices (mumbling, smoking, procrastinating, jealousy, leaving dishes in the sink) that just can’t be kicked.

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Artwork by Zach Hobbs


Merci Da Icon – Pocono Downs Freestyle

A swirling, delicate instrumental–self-produced–backs two minutes’ worth of measured, pun-heavy shots taken at gatekeeping artistic ankle-biters that “ain’t got enough sense, so they overspend.”

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The Argonauts – More Notes, Less Vibrato

Funky, goofy track that shimmies its way into a storied lineage of music about playing music. It’s got terminology (fortissimo, staccato), horn solos galore, and references to the dude present in every crowd who insists in handing out unsolicited advice to the artists.

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Artwork by Olga Brindar


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