Daily Yinz – Vicious Blade – Scavengers

Metal quintet follow up their 2020 debut with the blistering Siege of Cruelty EP. If the guitar guy from Mad Max: Fury Road had been joined by an entire band's worth of chemical-scarred miscreants, their music may have resembled the scorching thrash contained on Siege of Cruelty. It's like punks worked themselves into napalm-fueled overdrive, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Vicious Blade – Scavengers

Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)

COMA are a Pittsburgh doom metal quartet who released their latest album, PAIN IS THE RITUAL, in July. The ten-tracker is full of grainy textures, gnarled guitar riffs, and anguished vocals, the musical ingredients combining to form fast-paced stomps, dolorous dirges, and gentle instrumentals alike. "Fear is the pain (of intent)" starts on a rollicking … Continue reading Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)


Death metal quartet RITUAL MASS recently released "DESCENT/SEPULCHER" (Steel & Bone Productions) a crushing two-part single. RITUAL MASS prefers to put their band name, album and song titles, and even lyrics in all capital letters, an appropriate move for a band whose music is forceful, heavy, and LOUD. "DESCENT/SEPULCHER" is a punishing, seven-minute track broken … Continue reading Daily Yinz – RITUAL MASS – DESCENT/SEPULCHER

Daily Yinz – Malo Mortuum – Dark Mysticism

Malo Mortuum creates atmospheric black metal music, which combines ragged brutality with brooding synth textures. Picture this: You're wending your way through a dark forest somewhere in eastern Europe, or possibly Scandinavia. All of the pigment has been blanched away from the world around you, leaving everything a severe shade of gray. You come upon … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Malo Mortuum – Dark Mysticism

Daily Yinz – Monochromatic Residua – Eternal Mountain

Aaron Myers-Brooks's Monochromatic Residua project uses death metal as a vehicle to explore the power of microtones (AKA the notes you can't find on a piano). Monochromatic Residua's latest EP, Eternal Mountain, contains brutal blastbeats, apocalyptic imagery, and, of course, furious shredding that refuses to adhere to the chromatic scale. On the EP's title track, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Monochromatic Residua – Eternal Mountain

Daily Yinz – Gator Shakes – East Coast Fear

Gator Shakes are a metalcore band that puts on one hell of a loud show (god I miss live music); their latest album, Well, Hell, came out last Friday. The album opens with vocalist Jake Morgan barely clinging to the end of a fraying rope, screaming, a capella, "Push! West! Leave! This! East! Coast! Fear!" … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gator Shakes – East Coast Fear

Daily Yinz – Grîmmöld – Sirannon

Grîmmöld, a solo artist who uses medieval synth tones and blasts of screeching black metal to portray tales of creatures, magic, and adventure, recently released their Noldorin Halls EP. Noldorin Halls, whose title references an Elvish race dreamed up by J.R.R. Tolkien, mostly features winding instrumental passages that evoke mountain peaks and perilous encounters, the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Grîmmöld – Sirannon

Daily Yinz – Feralcat and the Wild – Anselm the Wise

Feralcat returns to his signature combo of windblown sax runs and power metal acrobatics with "Anselm the Wise." Just a few weeks ago, Feralcat brought us some jazz-tinged, lo-fi instrumentals to relax/study to in the form of the wavy waiting for waifu. "Anselm the Wise" (featuring the full Wild) plants its flag at the opposite … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Feralcat and the Wild – Anselm the Wise

Daily Yinz – Hazing Over – Jock

Shin Guard is now Hazing Over, the name change signifying a shift from gritty skramz to futuristic deathcore. "Jock" is the first single from Hazing Over's upcoming Pestilence EP. The plinking rave synths that introduce "Jock," and, by proxy, Hazing Over, are a tip-off that this band is a different animal, one with a fresh … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hazing Over – Jock

Blood Menace – Threat EP

Purchase Blood Menace's Threat EP to support Sisters PGH, a "transgender centered drop-in space, resource provider and shelter transitioning program based in Pittsburgh, PA" and 1Hood Media, a collective of socially conscious artists & activists who utilize art to raise awareness." Threat is a glitchy, rumbling deathcore effort from Shin Guard bassist Jake Yencik. It … Continue reading Blood Menace – Threat EP