Daily Yinz – Death Instinct – Candy Hearts

The post-punkers of Death Instinct return with the Silhouettes singles, two tracks inspired by the late-winter/Valentine’s Day season.

Silhouettes‘s two songs, considered in tandem, feel like the nadir of winter depression followed by the faint bloom of hope that comes along with melting snow and temperatures that venture above freezing. While the opening title track broods, muted and hibernatory, “Candy Hearts” uses circling drums, cascading guitar chords, and swooning, major-key synths to suggest restoration and renewal. The lyrics hint at the promise of escape from negative mental spirals: “I come back to find all the thoughts that keep drifting in my mind […] And I can’t remember anymore/All the sorrowful days melt away.” This winter has been especially hard for a lot of people, but we’re getting to the end. Hang in there; sunny days (well, sunnier days; this is Pittsburgh, after all) await.

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