Daily Yinz – Valleyview – Rose Colored Glasses

Jesse Farine's Valleyview project goes post-punk on the recent single "Rose Colored Glasses." Where Valleyview's debut single, released in 2020, was all sunny acoustic guitar and outlandish vocals, "Rose Colored Glasses" embraces the dour atmosphere of 80's acts like Joy Division and Bauhaus without sacrificing the previous release's eccentricity. Drums flit like bat wings, guitars … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Valleyview – Rose Colored Glasses

The Stick Figures – Archeology

Pittsburgh's newly established Floating Mill Records, a label that reissues underrated post-punk albums from decades past, recently re-released a 1981 EP by Tampa, FL's The Stick Figures (the group broke up soon after recording the original), adding a number of previously unheard tracks to the earlier iteration's four-song list. The Stick Figures' music combines off-kilter … Continue reading The Stick Figures – Archeology

Daily Yinz – Death Instinct – Candy Hearts

The post-punkers of Death Instinct return with the Silhouettes singles, two tracks inspired by the late-winter/Valentine's Day season. Silhouettes's two songs, considered in tandem, feel like the nadir of winter depression followed by the faint bloom of hope that comes along with melting snow and temperatures that venture above freezing. While the opening title track … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Death Instinct – Candy Hearts


With a name like DEATH INSTINCT, one can infer that this Pittsburgh trio makes music even cheerier than the stuff Joy Division released back in the 80's. Kidding about the happiness bit, obviously, although frontman Jon (not sure on last name) does at times sound like the reincarnation of Ian Curtis. The group's newly released … Continue reading Daily Yinz-DEATH INSTINCT-Hide